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Tapetex Drywall Commercial


Tapetex is a sought after, top-tier commercial and residential subcontractor. With our expertise and resources Tapetex delivers high-quality work on time and within budget.


We have a team filled with experience and skill who are able to work with a variety of materials and techniques.

As a generational company, we have a strong understanding of the commercial construction industry and are able to work with architects, engineers, and other contractors to ensure that the work is integrated seamlessly into the overall project.

The Tapetex Way

  • Experience: We have been blessed to work and continue working with the best Contractors in the St. George and surrounding areas since 2013. Our commitment to you is to complete commercial projects on time and within budget.

  • Expertise: We have an amazing team trained to uphold standards in safety, cleanliness and quality. 

  • Resources: We have the resources to complete the project, including the necessary equipment and manpower.

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